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Güverte Uzakyol Vardiya Zabiti Denizcilik İngilizcesi Soruları

1. A vessel which is used for pulling or pushing a disabled vessel is known as a/an ……………
A) Tug
C) Reefer
D) Dredger
E) Icebreaker

2. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
A) The bridge is generally located amidship extending from one side of the vessel to the other
B) The bridge may be also situated aft or forward on a vessel
C) The bridge is made up of the wheel-house, the chart-room and the radio-room
D) The bridge is always high up as the ship is controlled from there by the captain and officers
E) The bridge functions as the heart of the vessel

3. Merchant vessels do not include
A) sport crafts.
B) reefers.
C) auxiliary vessels.
D) divers boats.
E) dredgers.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 4. Fire-fighting equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
A) Should be regularly checked.
B) might be driven
C) must be drawn
D) is loaded
E) is used for keeping liquid for foods

5. Which of the following can not be a defect a light might have?
A) Destroyed
B) Damaged
C) Unlit
D) Off station

E) Expensive

6. A Device for measuring pressure of atmosphere is known as a:
A) Windscale
B) Compass

C) Barometer
D) Blip
E) Shaft

7. Which of the following statements is not correct about tallying?
A) Tallying is the process of counting, checking and recording of cargo when it comes aboard and leaves the ship
B) Tally clerks are responsible for tallying
C) One group of tally clerks are employed by shipper whereas one group are employed by ship owner
D) The Bill of Lading is important as it states the description of the goods, quantity, marks on packages

E) It’s not anybody’s responsibility if there’s damaged cargo on board

8. “This is to certify that before/after loading/discharging, all cargo tanks were inspected and found empty and dry”. This is an example of
A) Notice of Readiness
B) Letter of Protest

C) Dry-Tank Certificate
D) Job Application
E) Deratting Certificate-Deratting Exemption Certificate

9. “The cargo shall be loaded within the number running days/ hours weather permitting, Sundays and holidays excepted unless used, in which event time used shall count.”
According to this clause of a charter party, if loading operation is performed on holidays, time spent for loading………………………. ; otherwise, these days………………………

A) shall count / shall not count
B) shall not count / shall count
C) is permitted / are not permitted
D) isn’t to be included in laytime / are to be included in laytime
E) should be excepted / should be accepted

10. The maintenance on board is the responsibility of the ………………… and the men in his charge.
A) Captain

B) Chief officer
C) Second officer
D) Third officer
E) Chief engineer

11. The main aim of the Classification Society is
A) To provide quick and cheap construction of a vessel
B) To design a ship
C) To put limits on the ship’s dimensions
D) To pay for the ship construction

E) To observe if the ship is seaworthy and is capable of carrying the corgo she has been designed to carry

12. A : Go ahead : (Follow me)
      B : . . . . . . . .
A) I will be ready to help

B) I am going ahead (I am following you)
C) I will be followed by vessel
D) He will go ahead
E) Will you be followed by vessel?

                                                                                                                                                                                               13. A: Full ahead immediately
      B: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
A) Stop your vessel

B) I am going full ahead immediately
C) I am stopping my vessel
D) I am increasing my speed
E) I am slowing down

14- “You have caught my fishing gear.” is a term used by a ……….
A) passing ship
B) ship aground
C) vessel moving

D) fishing boat
E) protecting vessel

15. Arrival message does NOT include ………..
A) nationality of the ship
B) call sign

C) position
D) last port
E) destination

16. The publication in which the medical codes is found is ……….
B) Safety message transmission

C) The International code of signals
D) The local newspapers
E) A well-know magazine

17. “Sorry” and “Thank you” are …………
A) announcements
B) clarification
C) conversation control

D) polite statements
E) channel switching

18. Complete the following message with a proper message marker:
“ ……………….. Obstruction in the fairway”

A) Warning
B) Request
C) Information
D) Advice
E) Instruction

19. A safety message is sent whenever …………………….. .
A) There is an important navigational or meteorological warning
B) There is an urgent message about the safety of a ship
C) There is an urgent message about the safety of a person
D) Immediate assistance is required
E) There is loss of life

20. ……….. and ………….. are used as distress signals.
A) speakers – aviators
B) smoke – pigeons
C) rockers – voices

D) flares – rockets
E) navigators – passengers

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